wrapped around his finger

Potty training has been stalled for the last few months. The best advice given was to give it a rest, since, obviously, we were getting no where in September. We’ve left it up to Austin, and he is happy as can be wetting himself.

I’m getting antsy. Every way I turn I’m changing a diaper. And, even though, it’s nearly nine months away, I’m already feeling stress about the potty training requirement for him to move up to the next preschool class. Because, honestly, I feel like it will never happen.

Then, out of nowhere, there was interest.

The other morning, we were prepping for the day. Austin and I were brushing our teeth while Everett snacked on a toothbrush. Austin stops, looks at me, and says, “I want to go potty.”

Spit dribbled from my mouth as I looked at him in disbelief. “Really??”

“Yeah. I want to use the potty.”

I throw my toothbrush into the sink and grab the nearest potty chair. “Okay,” I said, trying to reign in the excitement. I place it in front of him and proceed to help him with his pants.

He looks at it with disgust. “Not that one, Mommaaaa. I want that potty. The big potty.”

Fair enough. “Okay, let’s use that one!”

I lead him toward the potty when he stops. “Here you go, buddy.”

“No,” he mumbles and walks away, leaving me dumbfounded with potties everywhere and toothpaste still in my mouth.

Touché, son. You have me wrapped around your finger, and, apparently, it was necessary to prove it that day.

I am so over potty training.

3 thoughts on “wrapped around his finger

  1. Nancy Moore says:

    Girl, you think you get tired of changing the diapers wait till you use those little pots and then have to empty them. yuck
    Maybe just try and go to the big potty with a potty seat on it and a little stool to step up on. He may be watching them at preschool and they may use the big flushing potty. The little guys at my sunday school like to wash their hands more than anything. And will go to just wash their hands!

    The lady I work for uses real underwear and then they feel it when they go. May need to change pants and bring extra cloths around for a while but it works for her. Does he know he can move up if he potty trains? If so does he want to move to other class? We do that at our Sunday classes also. But each one is different. But then the same. She also made my Austin wash his paints out in the pot when he did #2 and he did not do that any more. He still remember that today. This was after several times doing it. They don’t stop and go and then it is to late. She also gets them to go to the potty and try after breakfast, playing out side, before they sit to eat each meal, about every 2 hours. He may like the attention he gets from you while you change his diaper since little E come into the picture. And it is easy! Mommy will take care of it!

    Hang in there it will happen!

  2. mumziemadness says:

    I’m no where near potty training, but one of my eager family friends with all of the ‘advice’ in the world (some useful) suggested letting your child pick out their potty so they have more interest in it and so it is something they have taken part in. WHO knows if that’s good advice. I’m sure I will find out one day soon! Good luck!

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