i have a heart warrior

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E was born in January, and he is a heart warrior. He earned his “zipper” four days prior to turning two months old. Along with a couple extra creases, easily confused as fat rolls now, from two abdominal surgeries at one month old.

There was no hint of a problem during my pregnancy or at birth. We discovered at two weeks old, a loud murmur, and sought additional opinions from a pediatric cardiologist. At this point, we learned he had an AV Canal defect (more detail another day), which meant surgery at four to six months of age. We didn’t make it to that point.

In March, E was recovering from surgery and still in newborn clothing. At almost seven months old, he now sports 9- and 12-month-old clothing. This child is a fighter. Despite, the medical troubles he encountered off the bat, E is my child of JOY. There is no word that describes him better. He is JOYFUL. Three days after open heart surgery, he smiled for the first time and has not stopped smiling since.

This is my miracle baby. My joy. My light. God has something very special planned for this little boy.

Read more about his journey here.

meet A


My first born, or parenting test dummy, however you want to look at it. A was my first look at what love at first sight truly means. He turned our world upside down for the better.

Now, as a toddler, I am amazed every day by him. Sure, I want to rip my hair out almost constantly, and I totally blame him for all my gray hairs, but that feeling can change in an instant with his hilarious comments, wacky dance movies or sweet gestures out of nowhere. Nothing can make you feel prettier than when your toddler looks at you with those big beautiful eyes and says, “You’re pretty, Momma. So pretty” or “Love you, Momma.” Cue heart melting.

He is my “spirited” child, full of energy and on the move. He talks a million miles a minute, and has the kindest heart. He is my first baby love and my sweetest snuggle bug.

I’m a Mom.


I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a Believer. I’m a writer. I’m a super hero. I’m a kisser of boo boo’s. I’m a burner of dinners. I’m a dreamer. I’m a lover of wine. I’m a goof. I’m a multi-tasker. I’m a wannabe photographer. I’m an open ear. I’m a snuggler. I am perfectly imperfect but perfectly in love with my boys. I’m a mess. Our life is a mess. But, what a beautiful mess it is.

Three years ago, we welcomed our first child into the world, and I began blogging “a beautiful mess” as a first time stay at home mom for family. When our second arrived earlier this year, I went silent, too overwhelmed with two to blog on. Here’s my fresh start in a much more open environment telling the battles and joys of a stay at home mom. Cheers to Motherhood!