waiting for a mouthful


Despite teething symptoms at four months old, Austin received his first tooth a month before he turned one. Just when I thought my child would be joining the dentures club, a little white tooth appeared. Everett wants to be just like big brother.

At Everett’s four-month well check, his pediatrician confirmed that he was indeed teething. Now, almost five months later, there are still no teeth. Not a single one. But, the signs are all there.

10 Signs your Kid is Teething

1. You begin referring to Sophie the Giraffe as your best friend.

2. Everything must go in his mouth – including your face.

3. Random people go out of their way to inform you that your baby is “obviously” teething.

4. Bibs are no longer just for spit up or mealtime, forcing us to either double our supply or double our laundry.

5. Sneak-attacking your hand is no longer a game. It is a mission.

6. You fear that sucking on his own fingers might actually result in a real bodily injury.

7. He reminds you he is teething every hour throughout the night.

8. You find yourself jamming your own fingers in his mouth multiple times a day, praying you’ll feel a tooth.

9. When you pull an item out of the diaper bag, 50 teething rings tumble out.

10. You carry Infant Tylenol with you… in a holster… attached to your pajamas.

he’s going to lose them anyway

Today was the day I had been dreading since my child’s first tooth popped in. A day that maybe should have happened a year and a half ago when I began receiving pamphlet after pamphlet about the importance of good oral hygiene and scheduling the appropriate dentist appointment. No, thank you, I thought. We still have time. Who takes their one year old to the dentist anyway?

I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago to schedule A’s first dentist appointment because I rationalized stretching it past three years old was maybe a touch too far. I didn’t want those adorable little teeth to fall out for the wrong reasons 🙂

So, the day came. I knew there would be drama. A is sometimes a bit “emotional” (aka a drama queen king) in new situations, especially ones that involve bright lights, lousy tasting toothpaste and sticking foreign instruments in your mouth. Oh, yeah. I was thinking I might rather have a root canal than go through with this one.

The car ride was filled with mixtures of doubt, excitement and loads of questions from A. I knew it was going well when he repeatedly informed me that we were NOT going to the dentist. Bad news, buddy. Now, as soon as we arrived, a miracle occurred… or, my child should be tested for major mood swings… He was thrilled to go inside. He played with the toys, listened to directions, and X-rays? Sure, let’s do those, too. He was a rock star and made it through without a single tear. Amazing… and completely unexpected. So, why do I already feel a knot in my stomach about his appointment in six months??


Oh, and we may or may not have celebrated no cavities (and no meltdowns) with an ice cream sundae… Oops…