meet A


My first born, or parenting test dummy, however you want to look at it. A was my first look at what love at first sight truly means. He turned our world upside down for the better.

Now, as a toddler, I am amazed every day by him. Sure, I want to rip my hair out almost constantly, and I totally blame him for all my gray hairs, but that feeling can change in an instant with his hilarious comments, wacky dance movies or sweet gestures out of nowhere. Nothing can make you feel prettier than when your toddler looks at you with those big beautiful eyes and says, “You’re pretty, Momma. So pretty” or “Love you, Momma.” Cue heart melting.

He is my “spirited” child, full of energy and on the move. He talks a million miles a minute, and has the kindest heart. He is my first baby love and my sweetest snuggle bug.

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