creative baby proofing

When Austin was a baby, we kind of slacked in the baby proofing department. Sure, we covered the outlets, and we used a baby gate as needed. And, of course, all cleaners and hazardous materials were placed safely from his reach. But, that was the extent of it.

He opened and closed cabinets at his whim, pots and pans all a strew. I cringe looking back at the death trap of a coffee table we had. And, it took me entirely too long to part ways with the various fragile decor around the house.

But, during the peak age of baby proofing, our house was on the market… for a year. I can tell you right now that hundreds of latches on every single door in your home don’t make for promising showings. So, we made do without.

Here we are with Everett in the throes of curiosity and mischievousness. He is mobile and fast, and I feel like I’m a first time parent again. A new house and new obstacles.

I think it’s safe to say we need to look at some more traditional methods.


We need new baby gates. Ones for stairs and one for wide openings. We need latches for cabinets and potties, and more outlet covers. Forget plugging anything in to visible outlets. Everett will find them and try to eat them. Really, I could just use another set of eyes… and hands.

Looking back, I can’t fathom how we survived without baby proofing every square inch of our house when it seems so necessary now. Perhaps that’s the difference in one versus two kids. It’s hard to keep a constant eye on two moving objects that rarely coincide with the same direction.

Over the years, I’ve had multiple people, including strangers, tell me that Austin is the most active child they’ve seen. I’m never sure if that’s a compliment or code for GOOD LUCK! But, as Everett becomes more and more mobile, I’m not sure that he isn’t going to follow big bro’s lead. He is on the move. He is quick. And, he is up to no good.

No more waiting. Time to corral these kiddos.

Any recommendations on your favorite brands or items for baby proofing?

2 thoughts on “creative baby proofing

  1. I don’t have any recommendations for gates for large openings but I will say that I know how you feel with an active little one. Mine is 14 months old and I put her down and realize I forgot to close the bedroom door and I’m jumping over the pressure lock gates to the living room and running to get ahead of her and she’s already in the room, touching something, or sometimes closing the door on me. Or other times I’ve hurtled over the gates and didn’t quite make it.
    My problem is.. what happens after everything is baby proofed? They find a way! Mine climbs the gate now so I’m stuck. We had a creative way as well and we could fit her playpen in the perfect spot to keep her out of the hallway and kitchen, but she figured out how to move the playpen. We even got a higher and better tv stand and she sets her toys down in front of it until she can climb up. I want another one soon but I gotta get the first one under control. I don’t know how my parents didn’t babyproof a thing! Good luck though with your baby proofing! (:

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