let’s try this again

Oh, my dear blog. How I have purposely neglected you for so long. I have found it difficult to leap back in without addressing the last year. Several failed attempts and still nothing. There are too many ugly things that I didn’t want to face. I’ve been waiting for an ample amount of time to pass to where I would no longer feel so vulnerable and could continue writing as if nothing occurred. But, here, a year later, I find ourselves smack back in the midst of it all. I realize I can’t truly avoid the realities of life.

I find myself contentedly writing about both the good and the bad, but, the ugly… well, I can’t seem to face those words on paper. And, Everett’s heart surgeries, well, those make up the majority of my ugly. I don’t like to talk about it. I don’t like to write about it. Because, frankly, it turns me into a blubbering mess. But, here I am, and I guess I’m going to face it… another day.

To get back into the swing of things, in a nutshell…. a very tiny nutshell…. here’s our last year:

Surgeries for Everett, new baby girl, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, a ridiculous number of absurdities (that may be revisited in another post), crammed schedules, plenty of smiles, lots of laughs, too many tantrums, and a lot of love.

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