sick of sick

This winter and spring has kicked my butt. My kids have been sick for more days than they have been well. Snot has plagued my dreams. Having a child cough in my my face has become routine. And, we’ve visited the pediatrician only about a thousand times.

I’m sick of sick.

We finally re-entered the world this week after yet another bout of sickness at our house, and I’m feeling hopeful that maybe we can go longer than a week without something new rearing its ugly head.

Actually, my true goal, as pathetic as it may be, is to make it the three months to Everett’s next well check without having to go in for a sick visit. The hubs laughed at me when I told him this. We are so overdue for a nice, long healthy stretch at our house.

I miss my happy kids and all of our adventures. We were not meant to sit at home, twiddle our thumbs and drown in Kleenex. We have things to do. Bring on summer. Maybe the thousand degree temperatures can fry the germs my kids keep bringing home 😉


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