let’s talk CROCS


They are ugly. So. Very. Ugly.

In fact, I literally cringed when I saw a whole family in CROCS at the beach… Dad, Mom, and two boys. Maybe my reaction was actually a response to the fact that could be us in several years ::shudders::

Yes, I was the mom who always thought, “My child will never own CROCS.” Who cares if they are all purpose? Who cares if they are useful? Who cares if they come in every color under the face of the sun? They are U.G.L.Y. And, then it happened. I bought a pair for A. He LOVES them.

I didn’t actually realize two-year-old little boys had a preference of shoes unless it was plastered with Lightning McQueen or Thomas the Train on its side. I was so wrong. As soon as we walked in the store, A starts jostling around in the stroller, pointing and waving, yelling, “I want those shoes, Momma. Those shoes!” Wow. That was unexpected. Then, he proceeded to rip his sandals off his feet and beg for the lime green CROCS. I’m not 100 percent positive, but I may have purchased these shoes while suffering from shock… not only from his insistence on a pair of shoes, but the price for them as well.

But, we are now proud owners of CROCS, and I have to admit, he looks pretty cute in them. However, here’s to one day not being an entire CROCS family đŸ˜‰

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